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The Golden Path: Into The Hollow Earth (choose Your Own Adventure: The Golden Path Vol I)

Golden Path Into The Hollow Earth
ASIN: 1933390816


Author: Anson Montgomery


The reader's choices determine the course of a story in which one goes from living a normal life on the surface of Earth to taking on an epic quest to clear one's name and seek one's missing parents in the Hollow Earth.
Children love Golden Path: Into The Hollow Earth . Written by Anson Montgomery and the publisher is Chooseco. This was available around April of 2008. The book has 196 pages and it is packed with pictures.

FROM: Dianna Torman (dtorman@deadmail. This note is rigged to be sent from a particular dead letter drop if I have not checked back in three days. If you are getting this email it is since something has occurred to us. Did they travel on their personal to Ungava Bay? Can you find the ultimate Golden Path? guyana. It starts with a basic call in to the headmaster's office on a perfect fall day. Why is the government so interested? Sweetheart, I don't want to alarm you, but I fear I ought to. Were they kidnapped? So begins the email that changes your life forever. A Multi-Volume Interactive Epic Were the explosions at Carlsbad, New Mexico volcanic or something more sinister? Where have your parents gone? 000) SUBJECT: Warning and Plea. Every choice you make could possibly be the distinction among your parents life and death, and your ultimate destiny. And why do your parents, who are college professors, suddenly have $74 million inside the bank? anonymous. It turns into a search for your missing parents that takes you and your two best buddies on a trip in to the hollow Earth. Four story lines continue from Volume One to Volume Two. Part thriller, part travelogue, part personal quest, The Golden Path - Volume One weaves a labyrinthine journey as you search for answers to the truth about your past and the clues to your future.


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