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Return To Haunted House (choose Your Own Adventure - Dragonlark)

Return To Haunted House
ASIN: 1933390409


Author: R. A. Montgomery

Brief summary:

"You are a brave adventurer who likes exploring haunted places with your dog (and best friend), Homer. Haunted places are full of mysteries, and stories that no one else knows about. Will you go to Thailand and search out the palace guarded by angry elephants, or travel to England and uncover centuries of mystery in the haunted Montagoo Hall?"--P. of cover.
Children love Return To Haunted House . Written by R. A. Montgomery and the publisher is Chooseco. It was available on the 15th of May, 2010. The paperback book is related to Haunted houses as well as Plot-your-own stories, Spirits and Haunted places and is perceived as outstanding juvenile fiction. The kids book has 64 pages and it is made up of incredibly colored illustrations. I would like for you to get the best price when purchasing a kids book for your children!

When you followed Homer into the old abandoned house in your neighborhood, you had a scary adventure. You and Homer promised each and every other never to go back. You're not so sure. Homer thinks they need your help. Are these ghosts trapped inside the Haunted House? One day after school, a small dog that looks a lot like Homer cries at you from windows - and next to her is actually a girl your age.


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