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Search For The Black Rhino (choose Your Own Adventure)

Search For The Black Rhino5 Star Rating
Search For The Black Rhino
Search For The Black Rhino

Written by Alison Gilligan and it is published by Chooseco, LLC. The kids book was available on the 13th of October, 2012. The kids book has 274 pages. Envision oneself as being the key figure, asking yourself plus desperate for an answers. You can get as inventive as you choose with the scenario mentally. It's going to indeed put you in the middle of the enjoyment and also anticipation with the kids book.

search black rhino choose adventure original

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Brand: Chooseco, LLC
Author: Alison Gilligan

Product Description

The original interactive children's gamebook series Choose Your Own Adventure has been updated for the Kindle. While you can't keep your finger inside the pages of your Kindle, the classic choice-driven stories starring YOU come to digital life with an interactive map that lets you know where you are in the book, and also gives you the option to go back and try a diverse path."- Geekosystem. Your days will be filled with exotic sights, sounds, tastes, and customs. not to mention man-eating lions, nasty tsetse flies, too as the occasional flash flood. Though I hadn't read a single of these books since I was a kid, the experience hadn't deteriorated more than time, and the new interactive features produced turning pages much more rapidly."I have to say, it is great."- Wired"Print might be dying, but that doesn't mean that its single greatest contribution can't make the leap to digital with these Choose Your Own Adventure books on i Books. However, there happen to turn out to be a couple of upgrades — like a map to help guide your way. The transition towards the digital medium functions very effectively. Also, I didn't accidentally see some inside the other storylines. You join you parents on a modern day day safari to Lake Nakuru, Kenya, hoping to see one particular of the rarest animals on earth. True to their 1980s roots, these stories are nevertheless presented as books with links to other pages at vital decision points. com


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Pages: 274

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