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Trouble On Planet Earth (choose Your Own Adventure #11)

Trouble On Planet Earth
ASIN: 1933390115


Author: R. A. Montgomery

The author is R. A. Montgomery and it was published sometime in 2006 by Chooseco. The book is 144 pages long. The children book is 6.97"H x 0.35"L x 3.98"W and weighs close to 0.2 lbs, visit the hyperlink below.

Beware and Warning! You have been selected to solve the dilemma and you must act quickly!   This book is diverse from other books. Someone - or something - is draining Earth's oil reserves. Perhaps a rogue element inside the government? Limited resources and overpopulation are a dangerous combination. An evil multinational corporation? Earth will need oil until alternate energy forms are fully developed and on-line. Maybe it's a mysterious galaxy beyond our Milky Way, siphoning oil via laser straws. The incorrect decision could finish in disaster - even death. At any time, YOU can go back and make one more choice, alter the path of your story, and change its result.   There are dangers, choices, adventures, and consequences. YOU must use all of your quite a few talents and considerably of your enormous intelligence. But, don't despair.   You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this story.


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