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Lost Dog! (choose Your Own Adventure - Dragonlarks) Punishment: Earth (choose Your Own Adventure #36)(PAPERBACK/REVISED)
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Lost Dog
Punishment Earth
Price: $3.20 Price: $2.28
Author: R. A. Montgomery Author: Anson Montgomery

"Homer is your dog, and best friend. You two have a great time together. But Homer is not a dog who likes to sit at home with a bone in front of the television. One day, Homer vanishes. There are a trail of clues, but you'll have to decide where to look. And who will keep Homer out of trouble? YOU choose what happens next."--P. of cover.
My children want to reveal to you a great book entitled Lost Dog! . The author is R. A. Montgomery and it was published on the 1st of April, 2011 by Chooseco. The book has 80 pages and it has quite a few colorfully illustrated pages. To purchase a copy at the best price, visit our affilate add to shopping cart button on this site.


Brief summary:

You are a brave alien who lives on a planet of wise, technologically-advanced beings. There's just one problem: you are the only member of your generation. Lately, it seems like no matter what you do venture off the grid into the Black Territory following an alligator befriending new species transmitting messages out to the universe you get into trouble with the Elder Tribunal. It 's like they don't even remember being just 450 years old! You finally push the boundaries too far and the Tribunal hands down your sentence. You are punished, banished to a young planet: Earth. The Tribunal wants you to meet the Earthlings, and report back what you learn. You are skeptical of this assignment, but excited for some freedom. Your navigational devices have zeroed in on this orb of blue and green: where to first? --
Looking to buy a quality book? Consider Punishment, Earth written by Anson Montgomery. The author is Anson Montgomery and it is published by Chooseco. This book was available sometime in 2010. The paperback book is concerning Planets as well as Aliens, Imaginary voyages, Science fiction, Plot-your-own stories, Imaginary places and Extraterrestrial beings and is thought of as good fiction. Those who are within the library you can more than likely look it up with the DDC, PZ7.M7684 Pun 2010. The book is 144 pages long and it has artwork. To pick up your own personal copy of this book for your child, visit the shopping cart add to cart button on this site.

Manufacturer: Chooseco Manufacturer: Chooseco
Brand: Choose Your Own Adventure Brand: Choose Your Own Adventure
ISBN: 193339000X ISBN: 1933390360
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EAN: 9781933390000 EAN: 9781933390369
SKU: NP9781933390000 SKU: 9781933390369_ln
Publication Date: 2011-04-01 Publication Date: 2010-10-01
Binding: Paperback Binding: Paperback
Pages: 80 Pages: 144
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